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  Name Title Group
Rebecca Allen Allen, Rebecca Engineering and Yearbook Upper School
Troy Allen Allen, Troy Maintenance Director School Staff
Brittany Bastin Bastin, Brittany 2nd Grade Teacher Lower School
Jake Bastin Bastin, Jake 6-12 English Teacher Upper School
Jesse Bastin Bastin, Jesse 6-12 English Teacher Upper School
Kimberly Bastin Bastin, Kimberly School Staff
Jeanette Bean Bean, Jeanette Assistant Teacher RISE Team
Katie Bedrin Bedrin, Katie PreK 3 Teacher Pre-School
Kristin Blount Blount, Kristin PE/Wellness Special Areas
MaKenna Bruner Bruner, MaKenna PreK Teacher Pre-School
Teresa Campbell Campbell, Teresa RISE Assistant Teacher RISE Team
Debbie Castner Castner, Debbie RISE Assistant Teacher RISE Team
Emily Collier Collier, Emily 6-12 Math Teacher Upper School
Charlie Collins Collins, Charlie 6-12 Social Studies Teacher Upper School
Chuck Cooper Cooper, Chuck Student and Staff Life Administrative Team
Courtney Cottrell Cottrell, Courtney 1st Grade Teacher Lower School
Lea Davis Davis, Lea 5th Grade Teacher Lower School
Kristin Dickerson Dickerson, Kristin Principal Administration, Lower School
Whitney Dye Dye, Whitney Librarian Special Areas
Jody Farmer Farmer, Jody Kindergarten Teacher Lower School
Amanda Fuqua Fuqua, Amanda RISE Assistant Teacher Lower School, RISE Team
Kelly Gaskins Gaskins, Kelly Clinical Coordinator RISE Team
Gerita Girndt Girndt, Gerita Food and Beverage Manager School Staff
Janet Haase Haase, Janet Chorus / Drama Special Areas
Braden Hammitt Hammitt, Braden Middle School Teacher Upper School
Molly Hammitt Hammitt, Molly Resource Teacher School Staff, Special Areas
Caylee Harlan Harlan, Caylee Pre-School
Cole Harper Harper, Cole Athletic Director Administrative Team
Sara Harper Harper, Sara 1st Grade Teacher Lower School
Kaitlyn Hernandez Hernandez, Kaitlyn 4th Grade Teacher Lower School
Allan Huhn Huhn, Allan RISE Aide RISE Team
Kelly Langley Langley, Kelly 3rd Grade Teacher Lower School
Jennifer Lawrence Lawrence, Jennifer Director of Student Services Administrative Team
Jerry Lawrence Lawrence, Jerry Principal Administration
Suze Manci Manci, Suze RISE teacher RISE Team
Tiffany McAlpin McAlpin, Tiffany 3rd Grade Teacher Lower School
Robert McGugin McGugin, Robert 6-12 Social Studies Teacher Upper School
Cameron Merrill Merrill, Cameron 7-12 Bible Teacher Upper School
Melanie Merrill Merrill, Melanie Middle School Teacher Upper School
Kelson Miller Miller, Kelson 6-12 Science Teacher Upper School
Susan Mimms Mimms, Susan 4th Grade Teacher Lower School
Brad Moser Moser, Brad President Administration
Julie Moser Moser, Julie Kindergarten Teacher Lower School
Thea Moser Moser, Thea Administrative Coordinator Administrative Team
Jhesika Mullaney Mullaney, Jhesika Custodian School Staff
Diane Neely Neely, Diane Administrative Assistant School Staff
David Parker Parker, David Upper School Band Special Areas
Zoe Parker Parker, Zoe Music Teacher Special Areas
Andrea Pewitt Pewitt, Andrea Director of Academic Innovation and Resource Administrative Team
Megan Pitts Pitts, Megan 7-12 Science Teacher Upper School
Rémy Powell Powell, Rémy Ag. Science Upper School
Katelyn Reagan Reagan, Katelyn Lower School
Melody Reibly Reibly, Melody 2nd Grade Teacher Lower School
Leah Richmond Richmond, Leah Music Teacher Special Areas
Michelle Roberts Roberts, Michelle Admissions Director Administrative Team
Becky Rose Rose, Becky Lower School Lower School
Lisa Schkerke Schkerke, Lisa PreK Teacher Pre-School
April Shields Shields, April Assistant teacher RISE Team
Evan Shipman Shipman, Evan 7-12 English Teacher Upper School
Amanda Smith Smith, Amanda Family and Consumer Science Teacher Special Areas, Upper School
Sarah Smith Smith, Sarah 4th Grade Teacher Lower School
Georgie Stimson Stimson, Georgie Business Manager Administrative Team
Aubrey Tate Tate, Aubrey 7-12 Math Teacher Upper School
Megan Thomas Thomas, Megan ASD Lead Teacher RISE Team
Tabitha Thompson Thompson, Tabitha Elementary Art Teacher Special Areas
Stephanie Travis Travis, Stephanie Community Relations Director Administrative Team
Amanda Vasil Vasil, Amanda Kindergarten Teacher Lower School
Christina Willis Willis, Christina Spanish Special Areas, Upper School