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Welcome to Clarksville Christian School

We are Family.  We are Strong.  We are Centurions.

We are Family.

When we ask people to describe our CCS community, nearly everyone uses the word “family”.  Each person is involved and invested. We serve our community. We pray for one another. We celebrate victories together.  We lift one another up during difficult times.

We are Strong.

We have placed our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is our rock, a solid foundation, an immovable, unshakable, faithful fortress.  This faith allows us to face the daily challenges of life with strength and courage.

We are Centurions.

God has filled our classrooms with students from all over the world.  He has brought incredible faculty and staff members to CCS who have a variety of talents and are able to offer a wide array of courses.  He has showered us with victories. Through it all, we keep our mission at the forefront — to glorify God in every respect.  We are a place to learn, to discover, to create and to belong.

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