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When can I visit the school?

The best time to visit Clarksville Christian School is while we are in session and the campus is alive with activity, but we are glad to schedule a campus visit anytime during the year. Students are welcome to join parents. 

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When can I apply?

Online applications are typically available in the first couple of weeks of February for the following school year. CCS offers admission during the fall and spring semesters! Please contact the Admissions Director for further information.

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Can my child spend the day in the classroom?

For students in grades K-12 we offer a student-shadowing program. We give kids an opportunity to experience a day in the life of a CCS student. We encourage qualified applicants to schedule a shadow day with our Admissions Director.

Do you have a before-school and after-school program?

For students in grades Pre K through 12 years of age, a before and after school program is provided through the Hilldale Christian Child Care Center. Clarksville Christian School offers a before-school and after-school program for students ages 13+ or who are in grades 6-12. 

Monday through Friday, 7:00 to 7:45 a.m. (when school is in session)

$25 registration fee

$7.00 per day fee (as-needed basis)

$60 per month for before care only

$160 per month for both before and aftercare



Monday through Friday, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. (when school is in session)

$25 registration fee

Part-time - $10 per afternoon 

Full time - $115.00 per month 

$160 per month for both before and after school program

Withdrawal Policy

If you need to withdraw your child from the monthly program, please notify the office at least 10 days before the withdrawal date. No refunds will be given if you withdraw your child after the month has started. Likewise, once your child starts the month, payment is required for the full month.


Discipline Policy

It is our desire to operate a safe environment for all children. If there is a problem that the teacher/supervisor feels should be addressed with the parent, a discipline form will be completed and a conference will be held with the teacher, child, and parent. Hopefully, this will resolve any discipline problems. If we find it necessary to address a discipline problem a second time, a conference will be held to determine whether the discipline problem should result in the withdrawal of the child from the program.



Medication will not be given during the Before & After School Program.


Pick-up Change

Please notify the CCS office if someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child. We also ask that every adult authorized to pick up a child bring a picture I.D.


Late Pick-up

If your child remains in the care of CCS After Care Program past 5:35 p.m. there will be a $5 charge for every additional 5 minutes. If a child remains for over one hour after the close of the After Care Program, we are required to call Social Services; therefore, please let us know if you are going to be late. Remember that your child, as well as our staff, worries about you when you are late.

Registration Fee

There is a $30 nonrefundable semi-annual registration fee per child due with application.


Before and After Care School Care 

  • Before Care $45.00 Per Week - Paid Bi-Weekly;
  • After Care $45.00 Per Week - Paid Bi-Weekly;
  • Before and After Care $50.00 Per Week - Paid Bi-Weekly


Extended Care

Hilldale Christian Child Care Center (HCCCC) is pleased to partner with CCS to offer a discount for Before/After School Care to CCS students in grades K-5. Grades K-5 must complete an application through HCCCC to receive before/after school care. Early application is essential as slots fill quickly. Extended care for grades 6-12 is provided through CCS. Monthly calendars will be sent home on the first day of the month with the daily lunch menu. HCCC lunches meet federal nutrition guidelines


For more information visit: Hilldale Christian Child Care Center



What are the school hours?

Preschool for 3’s and 4’s      7:30AM – 3:00PM
Elementary (K-6th)               8:00AM – 3:00PM 
Upper School (7th-12th) .    8:15AM – 3:15PM 

What does the school year calendar look like?

What kind of computer should my child bring to school?

All students in grades 7-12 must have a laptop computer or other approved device for use during school. Our staff members will be glad to assist you in selecting a device that is suitable for your child.

The minimum recommendations would be to get 4GB but recommend 8GB or more of RAM and 32GB or 64GB hard drive. However, if you get a 2-in-1 model, you’ll want the additional space for Android apps. So, we recommend at least a  32GB hard drive. 

This is a personal preference. 

PC or Mac are acceptable devices. They need to efficiently run the Google Chrome Browser and the G-suite for education programs we use on a daily basis.


What is the student/faculty ratio at Clarksville Christian School?

The current ratio of student to faculty is 12 to 1.

What kind of school is Clarksville Christian School?

Clarksville Christian School is a Church of Christ based Christian community with a mission to equip students to love to learn, learn to love, and live to serve.

School Calendar

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